Sue Pelland

In the 1980s, my Mom and I decided to open a quilt shop.  I was only 16 when I taught my first quilting class!  Soon I developed a love of appliqué that greatly reduced my stress level. Instead of persnickety perfectly pieced blocks, I could create a garden full of flowers in the midst of our long New England winters as well as create landscapes, animals, houses or any other picture in my mind. Appliqué was forgiving, not requiring the precision of piecing, and that suited my personality just fine. Appliqué wasn’t all about accuracy, it was all about beauty. That was where I wanted to put my creative energy.

For four years I worked in our shop while I studied Textile Chemistry in college. As soon as I graduated, I landed my dream job working as a chemist for Cranston Print Works Company. Cranston created the best quilting fabrics at that time and our quilt shop was full of their brand.  More than twenty years later, I still have some of those prints!

After many years as a shop owner, teacher and pattern designer, Sue Pelland invented the Leaves Galore templates.  One day when designing a quilt with hundreds of small fused leaves, I decided there had to be a better way to cut them.  Leaves Galore was born out of necessity, eliminating the time consuming methods of tracing and cutting with scissors.  Finally, I had a way to cut five useful applique shapes in six different sizes with virtually no waste.  

Five years later, I wanted more appliqué shapes to play with. “Hearts and More” templates cut nine additional applique shapes.  Use either tool or both templates together to expand  your appliqué abilities!

Since developing Leaves Galore over ten years ago, I have found teaching to be the most rewarding part of my job.  I love teaching for guilds and at shows.  Through YouTube videos and social media I am able to reach quilters all over the world.  I love to share my unique time saving methods with quilters everywhere!