Rad Ombrés Class Materials with Cindy Lohbeck

Materials List for Participants

Art clothes or apron and comfortable shoes

2 plastic tote bins and lids – Approximately 24” x 18” x 6” (Pre-fill one of them with water, leave one empty.)

Masking tape

Craft scissors

Permanent marker

Supply of safety pins

Package of spring type clothes pins

6 to 8 non-pivoting hangers 

Roll of paper towels

Plastic drop cloth under your rig - it is 48" tall, so the tall people like to work with it on the table, and the shorter people like to work with it on the floor. I am 5'8", pretty tall, but I prefer to sit while I work, so I place the rig on the floor.
You will need a good size area for this project and a place to mix dye with access to water, whether in tubs or a sink. We will be rinsing a lot of bottles, so if you do not have an immediate sink in the area you will be working in, gather several buckets or tubs for rinsing of fresh water. 

You will also need a place to hang your fabrics to drip dye, without blowing around, or bumping into each other. I use a garment rack with a 2nd drop cloth underneath.

The wind is not our friend for this project, so keep that in mind when setting up your dye station. 
The day before the event I will put a photo of my work station on the classes private Facebook page. This will help you set yours up so we can get right to work! I will also have you set your drip rig up, posting step by step photos of just how easy this is to assemble. 

Click here to go to files for Enrolled Students 

The password will be sent to you with the login information for the live online class a couple of days before class.

Open, read and print the class materials and have them with you during the class.The page is password-protected. The password is sent to enrolled students by email. Please open the email that was sent to you to get the password for the class materials.

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