Plug & Play Online Classes -- we make it EASY for Guilds and Teachers!

It's a new world and live online meetings and workshops are here to stay. But here at LOQC, we hear every day from guilds "We want to hold online meeting, we know we need to to keep our guild together, but we just don't know how. Our guild just isn't tech savvy!" And many teachers feel the same way.

Live Online Quilt Classes has an answer -- our Plug & Play Online Classes.

When you book a Plug & Play Online Event, you get a Teacher who is trained and experienced at doing live online presentations and a Moderator who handles every aspect of setting up and running the event. No one in the Guild has to be "tech savvy" other than to log in to the event -- and we'll even teach you how to do that!

Teachers and classes are listed on LOQC website for you to view and select. LOQC has trained and vetted these teachers -- we are confident they'll do a great presentation for you! All you do is contact us to schedule a date and we take care of the rest.

Plug & Play Zoom Events include:

  • The Teacher's presentation - either a 1-hour lecture or a 3-hour workshop.
  • A 30-minute Zoom Training Session 2-3 days before the class, including a How to Use Zoom handout to distribute to Guild members
  • A 30-minute pre-event login time for participants to log in and get comfortable
  • A 30-minute extension after the Teacher's presentation for a Guild business meeting (you can add more time, or add on a Slide Show & Tell if you wish)
  • LOQC sets up the Zoom meeting through our account. Neither the Guild nor Guild members need an account to participate
  • LOQC prepares a Welcome Letter for the Event that includes date and time, login information, handouts, materials lists, links to the Teacher's website and store, etc. All the Guild needs to do is distribute this information to Guild members.
  • LOQC sets up a private page on the LOQC website where Event participants can sign up for a drawing
  • LOQC sets up a password-protected page where students enrolled in workshops can download student-only class materials and find links to where they can purchase kits, tools, etc.
  • The Moderator records the class and provides a link to the Guild after the Event so members who weren't able to attend live, or workshop participants who want to review the class can watch.

Optional add-ons:

  • LOQC can collect photos and prepare a slide show for a Slide Show & Tell
  • Add more time or a longer workshop
  • Add training for an in-guild Moderator

What does it cost?

The cost is about the same as a Teacher's lecture or workshop fee. And, it's  less than paying travel expenses! When you contact us to book an event, we tailor that event specifically to your needs and base the price on exactly what you need.

And, LOQC can even help you pay for your event! How? If you would like to open your event to participants outside your Guild, we can include your event in the LOQC Class Listings. Any enrollments taken through our website are split three ways, between the Teacher, LOQC, and your Guild. 

Are you ready to book an event? Click here to see who's teaching, then send us an email at We can't wait to meet you online!