MJ Kinman

When people ask MJ Kinman what she did, she likes to tell them she makes the biggest diamonds in the world. But instead of working with the hardest substances on earth, She works with the softest .... cloth. The idea to create giant gem portraits took hold of her soul 20 years ago and has grown into a passion that has enriched her life.   

The adventure started years ago when, as a novice quiltmaker, MJ discovered an image of a gorgeous gem. With only a basic understanding of quilting techniques -- and no knowledge whatsoever of gemology -- She was unsure how to transform that image into a pieced work of art. However, MJ was convinced there had to be a way. And she was determined to find it. After several years of research and experimentation, MJ made her first gem portrait.

MJ works with fabric and paint to create larger-than-life portraits of colored gemstones. Inspired by the image of an actual stone, she studies the gem to understand its particular personality -- the play of color and light across its facets. Her goal is to capture the luminosity of these “divas” and “drama queens.”

She worked as an administrator and project manager in non-profit organizations and corporate America for 25 years while concurrently developing the techniques to create my diamond portraits.  In 2014, MJ left the corporate world to devote her time to the artwork.  

It's Mj's pleasure to share with you herpassion for light and color.