Lori Lee Triplett

LORI LEE TRIPLETT, Business Manager for Quilt and Textile Collections, has successfully combined a variety of passions which include research, writing, and performing into the quilt world. As a lecturer and instructor she brings her experience from stage, screen, and radio to make the presentations fun yet educational. She enjoys presenting at local quilt guilds, but also presents at national conferences and has made appearances internationally.

As an award winning writer, Lori has written more than 15 books and numerous magazine articles. Indigo Quilts, which covers the history of indigo from Africa to America was a winner of the Lucy Hilty Research Grant and the Meredith Scholar Award. The fourth quilt book Pioneer Quilts, was so successful it is now only available as an e-book or POD. Preliminary work for the fifth quilt book was awarded the H. Mark Dunn Research Grant and the Lucy Hilty Research Grant.

An art quilter, Lori prefers to work with hand dyed or hand painted fabric to create. Her art work has been featured in multiple exhibitions, websites, publications, and books. Her art can be found in private and corporate collections, as well as museums. She is an international award winning artist including from the National Endowment for the Arts: American Masterpiece. In 2018 she received the ARTSKC: Inspiration Grant for a community art project using quilted panels to decorate a playground fence in the inner city. She is currently creating quilts for two solo quilt exhibitions: Tree of Life and Indigo Images.