Karen Linduska

Ever since Karen was a little girl she was always making something out of fabric. Karen started doing fiber work around the age of seven making doll clothes and knitting. At the age of ten she started to do bead work, hand embroidery, and sewing clothes on a sewing machine. In high school Karen was lucky to have an art teacher with a fiber arts background who helped her to branch out and explore new materials. She developed her discipline for detail and the long hours that fiber art requires while working on those high school projects.

After high school she attended the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale majoring in fiber arts, studying under M. Joan Lintault. It was there that Karen was encouraged to explore even more techniques, materials, and ideas. She created the foundation of her style during these years, that is still recognizable in her work today.

During the past forty five years Karen has received numerous awards and recognition for her work which has been exhibited in publications, TV, art fairs, galleries and private commissions all over the United States, Japan and Europe. Today Karen makes her home in beautiful southern Illinois, with her husband and all her 4 legged kids.