Guilds: Host a Live Online Quilt Class or Trunk Show!

Hosting a live online class is a great way to bring world-class teachers to your guild affordably and conveniently. No travel expenses, no trips to the airport. No classroom to schedule. Members participate from the comfort of their own homes, so even members who can't attend a meeting can participate. Yet, there is still a shared sense of community because everyone participating can see and chat with the other participants.

The process is simple: Choose a teacher and a class, and let us do the rest.  We'll set up the event, make class materials available on a password-protected page, provide you with promotional materials, take registrations for you, set up the video conference with the teacher, moderate the live class to make sure everything goes smoothly, and provide a recording when it's done. After class, members can participate in a private Facebook group where they can watch the recording and continue to learn from each other and from the Instructor.

You can make the class available only to your guild, or you can open it to the public to raise funds for your guild. 

There are lots of advantages for you:

* Your members can attend classes and events, even if your meeting has been cancelled due to social distancing measures.
* Class participants learn in the comfort and safety of their own sewing rooms.
* You can reach students who might not be able to come to a classroom or meeting at all due to personal reasons such as health or distance.
* Events are live so students can show their work and ask questions of the  in real time, and are recorded so students who miss the live class can still learn.
* Instructors can show details of quilts that would not be visible in a large room.
* Enrollment is not limited by the size of a classroom. 
* Reach out to students anywhere in the world, if you wish.
* Affordably bring top-name teachers to your guild, saving money on travel expenses.

To learn more, please email us at 
Please include your phone number and let us know when is a good time to call, so we can talk or set up video chat with you.