Online Meeting Training

Our quilt guilds are so hungry to get together! Right now online meetings provide the link we need to keep our guild communities strong and flourishing.  Having someone in your guild who is trained to run an online meeting is key to running meetings that are enjoyable for everyone. LOQC can train that person for you and tailor it to fit your needs.

There are three parts to any online meeting: the Presenter, the Attendees and the Moderator. We teach your in-guild Moderator all three roles so that she can run your meetings run smoothly and professionally from every aspect.

Moderator Training
Your Guild Moderator learns to help the presenter set up, teach members how to participate in online meetings, run meetings and train future moderators. We work one-on-one with her individually, as well as in Presenter and Attendee training, to familiarize her with every aspect of running a meeting. And we provide a written Moderator's handbook.
Presenter Training
Whether you are presenting a board meeting, a workshop or a lecture with slides or PowerPoint, each presenter will have different needs. We teach your Moderator how to help the presenter prepare in advance so the presentation looks great for your attendees!  We provide a written Presenter handbook so presenters know how to prepare and what to expect.
We can also connect you with presenters who are ready and able to do wonderful online lectures and workshops for you.
Attendee Training
Sometimes guild members are uncomfortable with the idea of attending an online meeting. We set up open training sessions for guild members to try out and learn Zoom before they actually participate in a meeting. We provide a Zoom Tools Guide that you can send to everyone in your guild so they have instructions for any device (phone, computer, tablet) easily at hand.
Online meetings are a necessity right now, but they offer many advantages in the future. Guild members who cannot attend an event in person can attend online. Bringing presenters to your guild via online meeting eliminates travel costs. And you can schedule events events even during months when the weather is bad. "Snowbird" members can continue to participate in the guild even when they are in their other homes. 
Adding online meetings to your meeting options and training a Guild Moderator to run them successfully is an investment that will serve  your guilds for a long time to come.
If you would like to talk more with us about your guild's online meeting needs, please email us at