Invite Your Friends to a Quilting Bee and get a FREE class!

Welcome to quilting bees in the digital age! Gather a group of ten quilting friends, and we'll give you a free class! Friends can be anywhere in the world -- we bring you together through the "magic" of video conferencing!

How does it work?

When you enroll for a class, select the "Quilting Bee" option. This gives you 10 seats for the price of nine, so you get a free class. Each person you invite to your bee pays you. You can give each person a 10% discount, or give someone a free class, or charge them nothing at all -- make it a gift! 

Within the next day or two, we send you an email with enrollment instructions, a link to the class, and a Bee Discount Code that is unique to your group for the class you select. This code can be used 10 times. Share the link and the Bee Discount Code with the 10 people in your bee. 

Each person enrolls in the class using the Bee Discount Code (this makes the cost of the class zero because it was pre-paid). Each person enrolled receives the class materials and login information from LOQC so you don't have to do anything else -- just get excited for your class and log in when it's time!

(And remember, if you or anyone in the group misses the class, we record it and make it available in the private Facebook group afterward.)

And now that you've learned to use Zoom to gather, you can continue to get together with your bee any time you choose!

Let's start quilting together!