A Garden to DYE for! with Cindy Lohbeck
Class Materials

Materials List for Participants

Art clothes or apron and comfortable shoes

1 plastic tote bin and lid – Approximately 24” x 18” x 6” (We use this bin for soda ash and to dye in, so if you want to keep your soda ash you will need two of these bins)

Craft scissors

Permanent marker

1 large plastic bag (lawn & garden size) 

Roll of paper towels

Access to water and a drain. If you can set up by a sink, great! Bins and buckets of water also work great. One for rinsing, one for clean. A few gallons should be fine. 

(18) - 4” and (6) - 6” clamps – plastic works best. (Check the big orange hardware store, dollar stores, and pjtool.com for best prices - PJtool ships right to your door very reasonably.) 


As you can see, each template may require multiple clamps, so make sure you have plenty! I'm going to be very generous with the templates, and the more you have, the more creative you can be. 

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